Have you ever heard the word superhuman and what it actually means? A superhuman is one with enhanced abilities to do beyond what is physically possible for a human. But do superhumans really exist, those who are all-rounders and can do everything alone? Well, that will beg the question of interdependence, as everything and everyone in nature is connected and depends on every other thing. Even the fictional character, superman, has his limits.

The Cambridge English dictionary defines doubt as a feeling of not knowing what to do or not being certain about something especially about how good or true it is. Humans are intelligent, focused, smart, unique, bold and yet shaky. Sometimes, 2 and 2 never adds up and all you ever had confidence in, the things you thought you knew, begin to go south. You may have created valuable relationships with people, and it’s been seemingly rosy all the while, but suddenly, it does not add up any longer… Ask. When you ask, not confrontationally, you clear up issues. Yours might be in choosing a career path as a student and you’re struggling on how to go about it? Just ask. Ask mature friends, parents, senior colleagues and mentors. Are you thinking of starting up a new journey as a reflection of your personal goals in life? You can never go wrong when you ask.

The habit of asking when in doubt helps you get prepared and plan more, ensures that you know the paths to navigate through and yet come out emotionally and physically stable, expands your thought processes and lots more. Learn to always ask questions about the corners to navigate and what it all entails. You must remember that whatever path in life you desire to follow; there are those who have walked that path before and have succeeded or are succeeding in it.

Just like the saying, “No man is an island of knowledge.” In the real sense, no man is a super human as it were but we gain superhuman strengths through our interdependence on one another. Lou Holtz said “I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.” Whenever you’re in doubt about anything, ask.

Contributors: Miracle Osuji, Prisca Onuegbu.