Philip Amiola

Philip Amiola


Philip Amiola is a business thinker, development journalist and digital publishing expert. Although primarily trained as a life scientist, his penchant for personal development and self-mastery has led him to acquire skills in business writing, social media engagement, marketing communications and digital publishing.

He works with a vibrant team at The Plenipotent Company Limited, a publishing and business development firm where he helps growth-minded SMEs and enlightened professionals leverage digital tools for more profit and impact. In this role, Philip has directly served scores of personal and corporate brands across Nigeria, South Africa, United States and Canada.

Philip delights in simplifying complex processes and devising alternative pathways that remove bureaucratic bottlenecks while enhancing creativity and productivity. He deliberately challenges conventional assumptions, displacing them with practical intelligence and empirical wisdom.

You can connect with him on his blog and learn more about his work at The Plenipotent Company Limited.