On the 23rd of October 2019, we commenced another round of our six-week Leadership and Life skills training at Ibadan Grammar School, Molete. 50 students indicated interest and were introduced to the training module after which a qualifying test was written. 33 participants scaled through the test and were officially enrolled into the training.

During the course of the six weeks, participants learnt about Goal setting, Decision Making, Negotiation Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Self esteem and Assertiveness, Values and values clarification, Communication skills, Networking, Leadership and Time Management. On the 4th of December, 2019, we graduated with 25 beneficiaries who participated actively and met our training code of conduct.

It was a pleasure adding value to these phenomenal leaders. The beneficiaries gave feedback on how the training has helped to improve upon their self esteem, how they have learnt to control their emotions and feelings, how they have become more assertive without sounding rude and how they are getting to know better versions of themselves in their journey of self-discovery. The future is definitely brighter with them in it.