Alliance for Youth Development

...towards a better future

Our Vision

To educate, engage and empower youths towards a better future.

Our Mission

Grooming young Africans into responsible adults, disciplined leaders and role models in the society while creating an enabling environment for skills acquisition.

Our Focus Areas


By replacing the pervasive sense of helplessness with a culture of personal responsibility, young people are empowered for leadership.

Basic Life Skills

Our coaching and mentorship programs help young people to develop self awareness, assertiveness, decision making, value clarification and other life building skills.


As part of efforts to improve the livelihoods of low income households, we equip young people with practical business principles and vocational training.

Value Reorientation

Helping adolescents discard limiting beliefs and adopt empowering beliefs for personal transformation and community change projects.

Who We Are

Alliance for Youth Development (AYD) is a youth-led initiative that focuses on young people especially Government Secondary School Students in Nigeria.

We seek to create positive change by implementing projects that transform young people’s mindset on leadership whilst equipping them with life building skills.

Our Programmes

Coaching and Workshops

We run a six-week program for secondary schools where we have intensive coaching sessions on leadership and life building skills. Students have ample opportunity to ask questions, demonstrate what they have learnt and get practical ideas on how to integrate empowering paradigms into every area of their lives.

Youth Development Day

This is an annual event where students from various schools convene to interact with resource persons and discuss issues bordering on self-improvement, academic excellence and choice of career. Highlights include essay writing, presentations and participatory activities designed to enhance leadership and life skills development.


Ongoing communication with resource persons creates a platform for students to receive personalised advice and guidance on issues of concern.

Scholarship Awards

We work with teachers, parents and partners to provide financial support for indigent students who have a track record that justifies such investment.

News and Updates

Get insights and practical tips on leadership, life skills and entrepreneurship. We also share recent developments and updates.

When in Doubt, Ask.

When in Doubt, Ask.

No man is a super human as it were but we gain superhuman strengths through our interdependence on one another.

How to develop a good decision-making skill

How to develop a good decision-making skill

As a youth, you make a range of decisions every day. You regularly have to choose how you will behave and comport yourself around family and friends, how to meet up with societal and cultural expectations, how to respond when your values are challenged, the books you...

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